COVID-19 spreading quickly, next month `very very critical`, says Centre

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New Delhi: The Centre said COVID-19 is spreading astatine a faster complaint successful the state and cautioned that the adjacent 4 weeks are "very precise critical" urging radical to power the 2nd question of the COVID-19 pandemic.

While, Delhi imposed nighttime curfew successful presumption of the coronavirus surge successful infections arsenic the nationalist superior recorded 5,100 caller cases connected Tuesday. The curfew from 10 p.m. to 5 americium volition beryllium successful unit with contiguous effect till April 30.

Amid indications that the state whitethorn person recorded a single-day emergence of implicit 1 lakh caller COVID-19 cases for the 2nd clip surpassing the erstwhile high, 2 apical Central officials on Tuesday night sounded a enactment of caution.

On Sunday, India registered an all-time precocious of 1,03,558 cases successful the span of a day.

A full of 96,982 cases person been reported successful a span of 24 hours, portion the decease toll accrued to 1,65,547 with 446 regular caller fatalities, according to the Union Health Ministry information updated astatine 8 am.

Meanwhile, the Centre repsonded to the increasing demands of relaxing property bounds for COVID-19 vaccination climing that the purpose is to support those who are astir vulnerable, and not to "administer the vaccine to those who privation it but to those who request it".

The Centre has stating that reduced testing, tracking and tracing arsenic good arsenic non-adherence to COVID-19 due behaviour person been the large reasons down the spike successful COVID-19 cases.

While, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting issued an advisory to backstage TV channels urging past to disseminate messages appropriating COVID-appropriate behaviour and vaccination of the eligible property radical to make greater consciousness among people.

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