Chaitra Navratri 2021, Day 1: Pray to Devi Shailputri for spiritual enlightenment

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New Delhi: The much-awaited auspicious Chaitra Navratri has begun this twelvemonth from April 13 and volition past till April 21 connected Ram Navami. The nine-day agelong festival calls for celebrations and worshipping of goddess Durga successful her antithetic forms. 

There are 4 types of Navratris 2 are successful the year, retired of which lone wide celebrated - the Chaitra (spring) Navratri and Shardiya Navratri (autumn). The different 2 are Ashada and Magha Gupt Navratri. 

According to the Gregorian calendar, the Chaitra Navratri festival takes spot successful the months of March-April each year. The Ghatasthapana puja, Chandra Darshan volition instrumentality spot connected April 13, 2021 - the archetypal time of Chaitra Navratri. 

Chaitra Ghatasthapana connected Tuesday, April 13, 2021
Ghatasthapana Muhurat - 05:58 AM to 10:14 AM

Duration - 04 Hours 16 Mins
Ghatasthapana Abhijit Muhurat - 11:56 AM to 12:47 PM

Duration - 00 Hours 51 Mins
Ghatasthapana Muhurta falls connected Pratipada Tithi

Pratipada Tithi Begins - 08:00 AM connected Apr 12, 2021
Pratipada Tithi Ends - 10:16 AM connected Apr 13, 2021

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Maa Shailputri is 1 of the Navadurgas and is worshipped connected the archetypal time of Navratri. Also known by the sanction of Sati, Parvati, Bhawani oregon Hemavati (daughter of Himavat - the king of Himalayas), Maa Shailputri is hailed arsenic parent quality and prayed to for attaining spiritual awakening. 

There are assorted legends associated with her incarnation arsenic the girl of king Daksha Prajapati - Sati, and past aboriginal has Parvati - the girl of king Himavat, who is the consort of Lord Shiva.

She is the girl of the mountains and is depicted with 2 hands, a crescent connected her forehead, a trident successful her close manus and a lotus angiosperm successful her close manus respectively. She is mounted connected Nandi - the bull. 

The time begins with her worship and due to the fact that it is the Day 1 of Navratri, Ghatashthapana is archetypal performed which includes kalash sthapana. 

Chant this mantra of Devi Shailputri to question her blessings: 

ॐ देवी शैलपुत्र्यै नमः॥
Om Devi Shailaputryai Namah॥

Prayer to the Goddess:

वन्दे वाञ्छितलाभाय चन्द्रार्ध कृतशेखराम् ।
वृषारूढाम् शूलधराम् शैलपुत्रीम् यशस्विनीम् ॥

Vande Vanchhitalabhaya Chandrardhakritashekharam।
Vrisharudham Shuladharam Shailaputrim Yashasvinim॥

Meaning: "I wage my obeisance to the divine parent Shailputri, who bestows upon the choicest boons to the devotees. The satellite successful the crescent signifier is adorned arsenic the crown connected her forehead. She is mounted connected the bullock. She holds a lance successful her hand. She is Yashasvini - the celebrated mother, Durga.

Maa Shailputri is besides considered to beryllium the goddess of basal chakra -- which is evoked for spiritual awakening done meditation. It is believed that the Devi gives Shakti to attain a higher spiritual growth. She is worshipped arsenic Purna Prakriti Durga. Her abode is Muladhara Chakra and she covers the full atmosphere.

Here's wishing a Happy Navratri to all!

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