BSEB Class 10 Results 2021: Boys outshine girls in Bihar Board exams, check pass percentage here

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New Delhi: Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) connected Monday (April 5) declared the results of 10th Board exams, successful which much than 16 lakh students appeared.

Out of a full of 16,54,171 students who took the exams, 8,29,278 were girls portion 8,24,893 were boys, that is the girls were implicit 4000 successful numbers.

But erstwhile it comes to walk percentage, it's the boys who bagged the lead.

As galore arsenic 12,93,054 students person passed the exams, taking the walk percent to 78.17 per cent.

Out of the full students who passed, 6,76,518 were boys portion 6,16,536 were girls.

This means 52.32 per cent of the full students who passed are boys, portion 47.68 per cent are girls.

However, 2 of the 3 toppers this twelvemonth were girls.

Pooja Kumari and Shubhdarshani from Simultala Awasiya Vidyalaya (SAV) scored 484 retired of 500 marks oregon 96.80 per cent to container the apical position.

Joining them astatine the apical was Sandeep Kumar from Rohtak who besides scored the aforesaid marks.

The walk percent this twelvemonth saw astir a 2 per cent dip compared to the past twelvemonth erstwhile the fig stood astatine 80.59 per cent.

It is inactive overmuch amended than the results seen earlier 2019. In 2016, Class 10 Board exams, the walk percent was conscionable 44.66 per cent. It past roseate to 50.12 per cent successful 2017 and past to 68.89 per cent the pursuing year.

It was successful 2019 that the walk percent crossed the 80 per cent mark, a important leap of astir 12 percent points.

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