Bihar Board Class 10 Results: Slight drop in pass percentage, check last five years trends

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New Delhi: Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) connected Monday (April 5) declared the results of the 10th Board exams, ending the hold of implicit 16 lakh students who appeared.

While the results are acold amended than what utilized to beryllium 5 years back, determination has been a flimsy dip successful walk percent compared to the past 2 years.

The walk percent stood astatine 78.17 per cent this year. While past twelvemonth it was 80.59 per cent and a twelvemonth earlier that it was adjacent amended lasting astatine 80.73 per cent.

Not precise agelong ago, the passing percent remained good beneath the 50 per cent mark. But implicit the past fewer years, the numbers person changed significantly.

In 2016, Class 10 Board exams, the walk percent was conscionable 44.66 per cent. It past roseate to 50.12 per cent successful 2017 and past to 68.89 per cent the pursuing year.

It was successful 2019 that the walk percent crossed the 80 per cent mark, a important leap of astir 12 percent points.

The dip this twelvemonth could beryllium attributed to respective reasons, the COVID-19 pandemic being perchance the biggest factor. Classes were suspended oregon went online successful assorted places and the regular program was disrupted owed to the pandemic-induced lockdown.

In presumption of the difficulties they faced, the results could beryllium considered rather positive.

Three students - Pooja Kumari, Sandeep Kumar, and Subhadarshini - topped the exams, scoring 484 marks retired of the full 500.

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