Allow vaccination for all above 25: Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray urges PM Narendra Modi as COVID-19 cases surge

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New Delhi: In bid to curb the 'intensity of the rising cases' successful the state, Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to let COVID-19 vaccination for each supra 25 years of age.

In a missive written to PM Narendra Modi connected Monday (April 5, 2021), Uddhav Thackeray said that vaccinating a ample fig of young people, particularly those who spell to enactment extracurricular their homes, volition assistance trim the fig of patients. 

He further requested 1.5 crore further doses from the Centre truthful that to get each persons supra 45 years tin beryllium vaccinated wrong 3 weeks.

The Maharashtra Chief Minister said that the authorities has taken the COVID-19 vaccination precise earnestly and apprised PM Modi that implicit 76 lakh radical are vaccinated successful the authorities till April 4.

He besides thanked the Prime Minister for accepting his connection of allowing each persons supra 45 years of property to beryllium made eligible for COVID-19 vaccination.

CM Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray has written to the Hon’ble Prime Minister Shri @narendramodi to further little the property radical eligible for vaccination to 25years aged to curb the strength of the rising cases successful the state.

— CMO Maharashtra (@CMOMaharashtra) April 5, 2021

Maharashtra, the worst coronavirus-hit authorities successful India, has been witnessing a abrupt surge successful COVID-19 cases successful the past fewer weeks. The authorities registered 47,288 caller coronavirus affirmative cases connected Monday, a time aft seeing the highest spike of 57,074 infections. Maharashtra's wide caseload has present climbed to 30,57,885, of which, 56,033 person succumbed to the virus. It besides has much than 4.5 lakh progressive COVID-19 cases.

This is to beryllium noted that India kicked disconnected its COVID-19 vaccination thrust connected January 16, 2021. The state past commenced its 2nd signifier of the COVID-19 vaccination thrust to springiness vaccine jabs to radical supra 60 years and those implicit 45 with comorbidities from March 1, whereas, the 3rd signifier began connected April 1 for everyone supra 45 years of age.

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