All Cases Dropped Against UP Cop Who Slapped POTA on Former MLA Mukhtar Ansari

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All the cases lodged against erstwhile Deputy SP Shailendra Singh, who took enactment against the erstwhile MLA Mukhtar Ansari and invoked the Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA), person been withdrawn aft 16 years.

In 2004, a fugitive worker Babu Lal had sold an LMG to Ansari on with 200 unrecorded cartridges. Shailendra Singh, who was past posted successful the Varanasi portion of UP STF, promptly took enactment against the MLA nether POTA, pursuing which helium faced immense governmental pressure. He besides resigned from the station of Deputy SP aboriginal but witnessed respective cases filed against him by the past government.

The bid to retreat the cases has been issued by the CJM court. Shailendra Singh shared this accusation with a transcript of the tribunal bid connected Facebook.

In December 2017, the Yogi Adityanath authorities decided to region the cases against Shailendra Singh and present the determination of the authorities has got the support of the court.

Announcing the court’s decision, Shailendra Singh wrote, "In 2004, erstwhile I imposed POTA connected Mukhtar Ansari, the past authorities pressurized maine to extremity the lawsuit to prevention Mukhtar which I did not accept. As a Deputy SP, I besides had to resign from the post. A fewer months aft this incident, astatine the behest of the past government, inspired by politics, a transgression lawsuit was lodged against maine successful Varanasi and I was enactment successful jail.’’

“After the Yogi-led authorities was formed successful the state, an bid to retreat the cases was fixed priority, which was approved by the CJM Court connected March 6, 2021. A transcript of the tribunal bid has been received by maine today,’’ said Singh.

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