Actress Sonali Kulkarni to host 'Crime Patrol Satark: Justice Reloaded'

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New Delhi: Actress Sonali Kulkarni is each acceptable to big 'Crime Patrol Satark: Justice Reloaded'. The bid is expected to commencement connected April 5.

In the caller edition, the histrion volition speech astir the value of filing a lawsuit connected time. The amusement volition contiguous a dramatised relationship of heinous crimes which person remained unsolved.

Talking astir her caller role, Sonali says: "I've conscionable started moving with the Crime Patrol team. They are simply fabulous. A performer gets a precocious by moving with specified a spirited and perfectionist team. For me, the amusement is similar a torchlight, which is trying to marque america aware, and I would similar to beryllium that torchbearer for the squad by making radical ‘satark' (alert) to beryllium liable for what we do, alternatively of falling into traps. Let america beryllium omniscient and responsible."

The amusement was earlier hosted by Anup Soni.

"I person watched Anup's enactment since then, and what helium does ever generates curiosity – whether it is simply a bid oregon a TV show. So, Crime Patrol and Anup person a beardown relation for me, and the benignant of spot and compassion that helium has evoked successful people's heart, is thing precise peculiar for me," she says.

She adds: "I consciousness arrogant of him arsenic a person and arsenic an actor. As acold arsenic taking up this play of Crime Patrol is concerned, it is similar taking the baton guardant from Anup, and I anticipation that I marque him proud. The accidental came done Rakesh Sarang, and I americium truthful blessed that helium thought of maine arsenic an anchor."

'Crime Patrol Satark: Justice Reloaded' airs connected Sony Entertainment Television.

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