3 Rafale Jets from France Will Arrive in Gujarat Today, Mid-air Refuelling to be Done by UAE Air Force

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India is each acceptable to person a 4th batch of 3 Rafale combat aircrafts from France connected Wednesday evening. United Arab Emirates (UAE) Air Force’s Airbus 330 multi-role transport tankers volition supply air-to-air refuelling to the jets implicit the Gulf of Oman, if reports are to beryllium believed.

These 3 aircrafts volition articulation the Golden Arrows Squadron stationed astatine Ambala Air Force station. With the accomplishment of the caller batch, the fig of the Rafale craft volition summation to 14.

Quoting to sources successful Rafale manufacturers Dassault Aviation, Hindustan Times reported that these 3 aircrafts volition instrumentality disconnected from Merignac airbase successful France’s Bordeaux astatine 7am connected March 31 and are astir apt to scope Gujarat astir 7pm.

The Indian Air Force is acceptable to rise a 2nd squadron of the Rafale combat craft successful mid-April and it volition beryllium based successful Hasimara aerial basal successful West Bengal. India is expected to get much Rafale jets from France successful the adjacent mates of months. A squadron comprises astir 18 aircraft.

The archetypal batch of 5 Rafale jets arrived successful India connected July 29 last, astir 4 years aft India signed an inter-governmental statement with France to procure 36 of the craft astatine a outgo of Rs 59,000 crore. The ceremonial induction ceremonial of the fleet had taken spot astatine Ambala connected September 10 last. A 2nd batch of 3 Rafale jets arrived successful India connected November 3, portion a 3rd batch of 3 much jets joined the IAF connected January 27.

The Rafale jets are India’s archetypal large acquisition of combatant planes successful 23 years aft the Sukhoi jets were imported from Russia. The Rafale jets are susceptible of carrying a scope of potent weapons. European rocket shaper MBDA’s Meteor beyond ocular scope air-to-air missile, Scalp cruise rocket and MICA weapons strategy volition beryllium the mainstay of the weapons bundle of the Rafale jets.

The IAF is besides procuring a caller procreation medium-range modular air-to-ground limb strategy Hammer to integrate with the Rafale jets. Hammer (Highly Agile Modular Munition Extended Range) is simply a precision-guided rocket developed by French defence large Safran.

The rocket was primitively designed and manufactured for the French Air Force and Navy. Meteor is the adjacent procreation of BVR air-to-air rocket (BVRAAM) designed to revolutionise air-to-air combat. The limb has been developed by MBDA to combat communal threats facing the UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain and Sweden.

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