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ShareChat belongs to which country? ShareChat has gained massive popularity in India over the past few months. Scroll on to learn all about the platform.

ShareChat belongs to which country

ShareChat is one social media platform in India that has started to gain a lot of attention in recent months. The platform was introduced a few years ago and operated solely as a content sharing platform for users. However, the app has made significant improvements over the years and it now comes with a slew of exciting features. It also offers open tagging and comes with the chat room feature. Additionally, it also helps connect like-minded people based on activities. 

While it continues to attract more followers with every passing day, a number of users have been wondering about the ShareChat country origin. This is especially after the recent conflicts between India and China that have accelerated anti-China sentiments among a lot of users in India. So, if you have ever wondered, “ShareChat is from which country?” or “who are the developers behind the ShareChat app?”, here’s the answer – 

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ShareChat belongs to which country?

If you are one of the users who is obsessed with ShareChat and wonder if the app actually has some links with China, the good news is that it’s not a Chinese-based application. ShareChat is an Indian-based social media app that has been developed by Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd.

The app has been designed solely for the Indian audience and it offers a number of Indian regional languages, which include Hindi, Urdu, Marathi, Telugu, Punjabi, Malayalam, Tamil, Gujarati, Bengali, and Kannada, among many others. The app has experienced massive success in the past few months and it currently boasts over 100,000,000 installations on the Google Play Store. The app is also available on iOS.

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ShareChat is now considered as one of the best alternatives to TikTok. However, as we noted earlier, the app was initially available only as a content sharing platform for users before adding the ability to create and share creative content with others in the community. It also allows users to make new friends on the platform and explore a wide collection of memes, jokes, video status, and a lot more.

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